Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yahoo! is latest to come out with YouTube rival

copyright BrandRepublic.Com
by Jennifer Whitehead
published October 6, 2006

LONDON - Yahoo! is the latest of the big internet firms to launch its own video site in an attempt to keep up with YouTube.

Yahoo! Video lets users upload, watch and search for videos. Yahoo! says that it has more content than other video websites because it crawls the web, accepts uploads and receives direct feeds. It will also include videos that Yahoo! already hosts on its music, news, sports film and TV channels and even material from rival YouTube.

As well as watching videos, Yahoo! is encouraging the community aspect that has made YouTube so popular. This lets users rate, review and share videos, as well as compile their own list of favourites. Content can be shared via Yahoo! Messenger and email.

FULL ARTICLE - http://uk.video.yahoo.com/


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