Friday, October 06, 2006

Yahoo! Adds Jumpcut

by Chad Stoller
published September 29, 2006

Yesterday Yahoo! announced their acquisition of the video editing and sharing web service Jumpcut as it looks to enhance their community offerings and advertiser integration opportunities.

Jumpcut gives users a web based video editing tool where they can easily combine clips, share clips, add transitions and titles, sounds, and host their films for posting and sharing on social networks and other popular web sites. Community features include the abiliy to remix other member movies, groups, contests, events, commenting and popularity voting.

Asking users to bypass their desktop video editing applications in favor of a web based tool is going to be a challenge, but by offering web based hosting and easy posting features, Jumpcut is beginning to appeal to users. In addition, its ability to host shared clip libraries allows users to borrow footage from others in order to find their "missing shot" and complete their masterpieces.


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