Monday, October 16, 2006

Reuters opens virtual office to report from Second Life

by Ben Bold
published October 16, 2006

LONDON - Second Life, the virtual reality game world, is to have its own Reuters journalist keeping people in the real world abreast of events in the virtual one.

As part of the move, which made the front page of today's Guardian, the news agency will place its own correspondent in Second Life. Called Adam Reuters, in reality he is a London-based media reporter named Adam Pasick.

Pasick will report goings-on within the game, such as wars, crimes and business news. Conversely, residents of Second Life will be able to keep abreast of events in the real world by visiting the Reuters building in the game world.

Second Life is inhabited by 380,834 users. There is about $3.2m of real money within the game and about $70,000 is traded daily on its currency exchange. Companies including Reebok, American Apparel and Sony have set up businesses in Second Life and are involved in commercial activities such as selling clothes and creating online music festivals.



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