Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Digital Agency of the Year: Goodby, Silverstein. Hot San Francisco Shop Rides the Revolution

by Gavin O'Malley
published October 16, 2006

NEW YORK ( -- Ask someone in the know about Goodby, Silverstein & Partners 18 months ago and you'd often see a sort of sad look come over their face as they explained that the shop was one of the greatest TV and print agencies of all time, but looked like it was getting left behind in this digital age. Ask them today and the story is much happier -- Goodby, they will tell you, is back and better than before.

If you want evidence that the digital revolution has reached the San Fran shop, take a look at the work: Check out the cowabduction website for the California Milk Processors Board, or Goodby's use of interactive techniques to transform GM's Saturn car brand, or, if you haven't seen it yet, the e-mailable Comcast marionette. All make a great case that this shop is not what it was.



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