Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Ad-Space Odyssey: A Paper Presented This Week Reignites Debate Over Congressional Ban on Orbiting Billboards

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by Abbey Klaassen
Published: October 09, 2006

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- The debate over space as the final ad frontier is back on.

This week an Ohio attorney will present a paper, "In Defense of Advertising in Space," at the International Astronautical Conference, in which he argues a congressional ban on space billboards is unjustified --and space ads should be permitted out of respect for private property and free speech.

'Space law'
"I have been doing some research on space law and I came upon this issue, and virtually everyone who had written had just assumed this is despicable and we need to ban it as effectively and soon as possible," said J.H. Huebert, an attorney based in Columbus. He spoke with Ad Age on a call from Valencia, Spain, where the conference is being held.



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