Friday, September 22, 2006 Gives Ad Dollars to Consumer Videos

published September 14, 2006

Viral video upstart Revver wants to undermine competitor YouTube's success and become a marketplace to match video creators and advertisers.

Revver is attaching static ads to user-created videos - and sharing the ad revs, writes AdWeek. Its strategy is to compensate not only the creators of videos - whose only compensation on YouTube is, if they're lucky, fame - but also the distributors, whether they do so via custom-built websites, their MySpace accounts or email. Microsoft, American Apparel and MTV have been among the first advertisers to use Revver's service.

Advertisers can browse content areas to select appropriate content for their ads, and creators get the option of rejecting ads for their videos. Over 50,000 videos have been uploaded to Revver, according to CEO Steven Starr, generating click-through rates of 3-4 percent.

Revver plans to expand ad options to include pre-roll and post-roll video ads, with content creators able to choose the type of ads. Revver ads don't show up on YouTube or Google Video, both of which strip out the Revver software used to show the ads.



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