Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The egg that will tell you when it's perfectly boiled

copyright Telegraph.co.uk
by Brian McGinley
published July 31, 2006

LONDON - it could be an answer to the prayers of people who, quite literally, cannot boil an egg. Or at the very least, a godsend for a new generation of students struggling with the most basic of culinary tasks.

Revolutionary "self-timing" eggs designed to overcome the perennial problem of how to avoid runny whites and overcooked yolks will appear on supermarket shelves in the coming months.

The eggs are marked with logos in "thermochromic" invisible ink, which turns dark when it reaches a certain temperature.

Inks have been created to appear after three minutes to indicate a soft-boiled egg, after four minutes for medium and after seven minutes for a hard-boiled egg. Shoppers will be able to buy the eggs of their choice in cartons marked "soft", "medium" or "hard".

FULL ARTICLE - http://www.colourchange.com/

By L'Expansion n°712
France, October 2006

En Grande-Bretagne, le Lion Quality Eggs, organisme dont le rôle est de labelliser les oeufs, lance l'oeuf "thermochromatique". En fonction de la durée de cuisson (trois, cinq ou sept minutes), un logo apparaît sur la coquille de l'oeuf. La société B&H Color Change a mis au point une encre spéciale qui réagit à la chaleur. Les oeufs "thermochromatiques" seront en vente bientôt en Grande-Bretagne.


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