Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Intrigue in High Places: Phone-Records Scandal at HP

copyright msnbc.com
by David A. Kaplan
published September 6, 2006

The confrontation at Hewlett-Packard started innocently enough. Last January, the online technology site CNET published an article about the long-term strategy at HP, the company ranked No. 11 in the Fortune 500. While the piece was upbeat, it quoted an anonymous HP source and contained information that only could have come from a director. HP’s chairwoman, Patricia Dunn, told another director she wanted to know who it was; she was fed up with ongoing leaks to the media going back to CEO Carly Fiorina’s tumultuous tenure that ended in early 2005. According to an internal HP e-mail, Dunn then took the extraordinary step of authorizing a team of independent electronic-security experts to spy on the January 2006 communications of the other 10 directors—not the records of calls (or e-mails) from HP itself, but the records of phone calls made from personal accounts. That meant calls from the directors’ home and their private cell phones.

FULL ARTICLE - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14687677/site/newsweek/ - LIEN LIBERATION - http://www.liberation.fr/actualite/economie/203613.FR.php


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