Monday, September 18, 2006

Wikipedia made available offline in deal with Webaroo

by Danielle Long
published September 18, 2006

The deal will give users access to Wikipedia's more than 3.8m articles even when they are not online, via a searchable six megabyte web pack.

Webaroo's Wikipedia pack will provide users with an unmodified replica of the online Wikipedia. It is a collection of web pages from the site and includes meta-data that enables search, updates and more information about a specific topic. Webaroo web packs also provide downloadable content.

Rakesh Mathur, CEO of Webaroo, said: "Webaroo is about serving people's internet needs when they don't have the internet. The Wikipedia pack is one of the great bodies of reference available on the internet, and we've made it portable."

Wikipedia is a web-based encyclopedia project, edited and updated by users and visitors to the website. It is the 16th most popular internet site in the world according to Wikipedia currently has more than 5m articles, which are available in 229 languages.


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