Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Sun focuses on video and news in website revamp by Alex Donohue

Published: Sept 5, 2006

LONDON - The Sun has revamped its website to include a 24-hour updated video and entertainment news service as well as greater usability.

The News International-owned title said its added online content would feature film trailers, gaming news, Deidre's video casebook, and the overhaul of Sun Woman, which will now include fashion and beauty tips.

The Sun Online will now also feature a real-life stories section, which it said would "pull at heartstrings," and a user-generated viral video section of humorous clips.

The newspaper's website, which is edited by Pete Picton, will maintain an archive of celebrity stories stretching back three years, an improved statistics service for its Sun Sport pages, and a Noel Edmonds-endorsed 'Deal Or No Deal' card game.

Picton said: "Designer Paul Mortimore has created a stunning site, which allows us to give premium content the best display on the web."

The Sun, the UK's bestselling newspaper, rose by 1.87% to 3,207,430 in the latest ABC figures, with The Daily Mail in second place, climbing 2.09% to 2,389,236.



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