Saturday, September 09, 2006

Move to Satellite Hurt Howard Stern's Celebrity

by Eliot Van Buskirk and Sean Michaels
published: September 8th, 2006

Although it's difficult to fault Howard Stern for cashing Sirius's checks – for $500 million plus at least $225 million in bonuses – more evidence has emerged to indicate that his move to satellite may be costing him more than just the majority of his listeners; it also appears his online popularity is on the wane.

Bill Tancer of Hitwise, which tracks the popularity of various sites and search terms by working with ISPs, posted a couple of graphs on his blog that chart the popularity of Sirius, XM, and Howard Stern.

He found that over the past year and a half, traffic to has declined, although traffic to has increased (now topping XM's traffic).



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