Thursday, September 14, 2006

LonelyGirl15 Unmasked: What Everyone Is Talking About

by Ann Marie Kerwin
published September 13, 2006

NEW YORK ( -- Her name is not Bree, she is not a teenager and she has not been home-schooled by parents who are super-strict and very religious about whatever it is they believe in, and she seems to have more friends than her film editor pal Daniel. The YouTube phenom LonelyGirl15 is in actuality just another aspiring actress. The New York Times Virginia Heffernan today tells us her real name is Jessica Rose, and she is a "twenty something" graduate of the New York Film Academy who hails from New Zealand and Los Angeles.

The unmasking follows the creators posting a confession that the Lonelygirl15 saga was not the efforts of two teenage friends killing time, but a collaborative effort to tell a story. A Sept. 3 "press conference" from YouTube user Lonesome October, hosted by Bree's mascot, Purple Monkey, also made it clear this was a story being told, and not a real girl.

If you haven't caught up to the 4-month-old LonelyGirl15 saga by now, you clearly have not been paying sufficient enough attention to the new pop-culture byways. YouTube is no longer the home of all of teenage America's funniest home videos. It's a platform for a new narrative form.



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