Monday, September 11, 2006

Such Were the Joys! How do I love thee, Vodafone 905SH? Let me count the ways.

by By Brad Stone - Newsweek
published September 06, 2006

Sept. 6, 2006 - We’re back from a summer in Japan, with fond memories of new friends, shopping bags full of cheap plastic Gundam action figures and several bottles of fine sake. But I would throw it all under the country’s speedy Shinkansen bullet train for just one more day with my beloved Japanese mobile phone.

For a month, I toted around Vodafone’s 905SH, manufactured by Japan’s Sharp. It sported a stainless steel frame and a striking black 2.6-inch LCD screen, which swiveled 90 degrees to display nine channels of digital television in crisp, widescreen format. It also surfed the Web, served as a debit card, downloaded and played music and took two-megapixel photos. It won my heart. Here in America’s pokey mobile-phone market, we have nothing like it.



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