Friday, August 18, 2006

First European manga-bar in Paris by Pauline Augrain

© copyright Le Point, France 17/08/06 - N°1770 - Page 14

France is second World mangas consumer country with 10 millions sales a year. The famous Japanese "manga kissa" concept was still missing: its is now done in the old-fashionable Quartier Latin, close to Notre Dame and Saint-Michel. Ben Kodova's Manga Café concept is pretty simple: with all-inclusive 4 euros per hour's fee, the consumer has access to the 8,000 mangas collection, internet access, PlayStation & free Pepsi-Cola in a casual, comfortable balck and red interior design. Ben Kodova says most of his clients are 30 yo or over.

Manga Café : 11 bis, rue des Carmes, 75005.


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